How to plant the tree ?

There are various techniques to plant trees, where there is a difference of treatment on each plant. Basically the plant trees is to enter the tree into the hole, but not all of the holes is suitable for every type of plant. Hole spacing is too narrow also cause root structure does not grow.
The most common mistake when planting trees is at the time of making holes, holes dug too deep and close to each other. If the hole is too deep, the plant will have trouble getting the oxygen needed for growth. As a general rule, trees should not be planted too deep so that it can grow naturally. The width of the hole at least 3 times the diameter of the stem at the root grow. This will let the roots grow to be strong.

If the multiply the clay is dry, make sure the piece of soil no glass layer. Make sure the bottom of the soil can be penetrated by water flow. Because if the water is blocked and can not pass will cause the plant to become dry and die. To eliminate this barrier layer using a fork to stir it. Raise the soil in the hole to provide air flow to the roots. It is also to prevent stagnant water in the area.
Planting balled and burlapped tree
Plant trees with balled and burlapped should be done as soon as possible after you buy. Put the tree in moist and shady places. Balled and burlapped trees have to be removed along with a layer of the ball, not the trunk. Clean the thread or wire before planting and use a layer of soil that has been mixed with compost and humus. Use of land that has been mixed with peat, compost and humus. Then placed into the hole around the tree at the boundary with a ball. Do not hit the ground in an area close to the stem as it can impede the flow of water to the roots.
Planting trees in containers
Plants in containers tend to have a higher heat than crops B & B. This plant can also be stored temporarily in moist and shady area. The procedure for planting trees in containers similar to planting trees B & B. Make sure the containers are made of metal or plastic in the waste before planting.
Once separated from the container check the roots. If the roots are sticky soon separate them with your fingers or other blunt instrument, dont be tear the roots. Loosen the roots are very important to ensure the tree can absorb water and air, so that the roots will be wider than the container.
After sitting in a tree hole, the native soil revert to pile up plant stems limited to the container. Do not press the ground so as not to impede the flow of water and air to the roots.
Plant Bare-Rooted Trees
This plant is a little different, because there is no soil around the roots. Most importantly, once you buy this plant immediately check if they are moist and have a lot of long roots. Remove damaged roots so as not to spread to healthy roots.
When planting, make a cone around the first hole on the land, and make sure the plants will sit inside the cone

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