How to plant grass seed

Plant grass seed is the most economical and satisfying to make your yard to be green. To bring forth the green grass follows tip from us:

1. The selection of the right time.
The selection of the correct time in sowing grass seeds directly impact the success of the seedbed. The ideal time will help the seeds germinate immediately, growing quickly and healthily.
Early fall is a great time to start breeding grass. This caused the surface of the soil is still warm and eases the developing buds. While the cold days and sometimes it rains ensure seeds remain moist. In the early fall is also still there is sufficient sunlight allows grass to grow before winter arrives.
Seedbed in the spring is the second best choice, did immediately seedbed early in the season before the season really turned into warm. The spring is also likely to change, sometimes bringing the Sun or rain, both of which contributed to strong growth.

2. Prepare the sites
To get grass healthy should be at the start with the selection of the proper sites. Check the sites prior to cultivation is the main priority is to get the right land certainty.
If you intend to replace the entire area, it is important to dispose the whole of the old grass. Use a cutter to remove the entire land right down to the grass roots. Other alternatives to clear all the grass with herbicide spray, or products containing glisofat. Use the appropriate rules, wait 10 days and continue in the area of land berumputnya is still green.
Wait 10 days to ensure the land of pastures have all been dead. Get rid of grassy land that has died and rake it up , if too thick a layer of soil cutting use. Check out the whole area, and make sure clean of dead grass, you're ready to do the seedbed.


3. Prepare land
Optimal land conditions very influence on the grass to growth and health. To prepare a good land to do the following :
Proper pH content on land very influential towards the growth of the grass. The pH level of acidity and alkalinity of the ideal is on a scale of 0 to 14.
At the time of the test the soil, make sure you take soil samples from several areas. The results of the laboratory test will give an accurate description toward the condition of your soil.
If the soil test results indicate a high pH level, add the element sulfur. But if the pH is too low, add limestone elements on your land.

4. The selection of seeds
In order that the seed is flourishing and healthy make sure you use quality seeds that are resistant to heat and drought. If you have a shady spot make sure you choose a grass designed to grow in low light conditions.

5. Planting the seeds.
After the soil is fixed, flatten the land slowly, then spread the seeds evenly, follow  the instructions on the box purchase of seed.
Use the spreader according the conditions of your land. You can use the two wheeled spreader and a basket to spread the seed. This model is easy to maneuver and is ideally suited to the narrow land
After you have finished spreading the seeds, use a rake to meratakannya with a depth of about ¼ inch. Do not bury the seeds too deeply, because they need light germinate.

6. Watering
Keep the grass remains wet conditions, but not to tarnish. Watering two or three times a day with a light spray to keep it moist. Stop the granting of water in a pool appears.

7. Check the growth
It will take 4 to 10 weeks to let the grass grow, but needs one full season so that the grass was really true mature and can withstand foot traffic. After 3 to 4 weeks the grass will reach 1 inch, but there are still areas that are empty, do the seedbed back in the empty area until you get satisfactory results.

8. Prune and preserve
When the grass is already 3 inches, cut 1 inches. If you do the seedbed in the fall, and depending on the season you, first trimming should not until next spring. The first season of seedling grass conditions is still crumbly, as much as possible to avoid stepping on the grass until the grass is really growing and strong.

To get grass green, healthy you must provide the exact area and improve the quality of the land. You get elated at greenwash of environments and have managed to provide a comfortable place to play in your yard.

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