How to plant and grow potatoes

One of the easiest vegetables to grow is potatoes. Whether you choose the potato as the main crop to keep you warm in the winter or enjoy summer, basically how to plant potatoes is the same. potatoes do not require soil in order to grow. Even you can grow potatoes in a container or bag.

Here is a guide to how to plant potatoes in the garden.


Most farmers do not do chit potatoes before planting, so how do I do it? Chitting process is that you take the seed potatoes and put in the sun until it has buds. Healthy shoots short form and has a dark color, like the color of the potatoes were stored in the warehouse.
In fact, what you do is perform potatoes aging, accelerated aging potatoes. This will accelerate the growth of potatoes when they are planted, and will certainly speed up your harvest. Seed potatoes can be at chatted start of January until March. They will be ready for planting when it is grown throughout the 3 cm.

When planting potatoes

Potatoes have many varieties , but they are always in the divide to "early", "early the second", and "main crop". This name distinguishes harvest time of each variety , and how much land is needed. "Early" varieties do not require large of land and are rarely attacked by pests because they quickly harvested. "The early of the second" These varieties require 16 to 17 weeks to grow up, and can be harvested later than the month of June or beginning of August. While the main potatoes plants will be ready to harvest 18 to 20 weeks after planting, and can be harvested in October to July

How to plant and grow potatoes

Generally, potatoes planted in mounds in the stacking lane with the reversal process ground to prevent the buds from frost. Furthermore, cover with soil to prevent the potatoes grown near the surface and may be exposed to sunlight that can change the potatoes turn green and poisonous.
Planting your potatoes in midle of  March or early April. Dig a trench about 13 cm and apply manure before planting. Each planting potatoes with a distance of 30 cm to 40 cm. Once the shoots grow, create mounds and do every two or three weeks.

Your potatoes plants should be able to be harvested in June until September, depending on the variety you are planting. You must lift it when still green and the flower buds are already formed.

Planting potatoes in containers

Potatoes are also very easy to grow in containers. With a spacious garden or compost bags. Fill the container with compost and put some potatoes on it. Cover with compost and flush with water. When shoots begin to appear, add compost and create mounds.


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