7 tips for successful gardening in containers

Whether you planting flowers, vegetables or herb, the following are tips to get your garden growing in containers. Gardening is not a hobby for large landholders. Almost all plants can also be grown in containers as long as you treat them exactly as they were at the plant in general.
I will share success gardening tips in containers.

1. Choose your containers wisely

Experienced gardeners are advised to choose containers wisely. Some of the material was done more easily than others. The cheap plastic material is not designed to withstand the heat and long life, light weight despite a surplus. Type terracotta pots are sturdy, but faster drying,  need more  watering.
If you choose the shiny ceramic pot or bucket, make sure to add the hole on the bottom of the waterway out to prevent the roots become rotted.

2. Sterilize your container

Are you going to use the classic terracotta pot or tires for plants or flowers, make sure you have cleaned before use. Especially for containers that you buy a used, possibly from a hospital or other place containing dangerous substances. Use a cleanser to scrub your container, rinse, then dried before use.
Gardening in containers

3.Plan before planting

Where will you put the container depends on the type of flowers or vegetables you want to plant. Some types of plants urgently need sun exposure, while others require a cool place. Advantages in container gardening is that you can move to where the most appropriate and desired.
Similarly, if you garden in a container, you can put the tall plants in the back and lower plants in front of the house. If the container could be in the house. Plants with similar growth in clumps.

4. Fertilization

To obtain the growth of large flowers and beautiful, you should keep the nutrients in the maximum levels. In order not to leave the chemicals, use manure tea for your plants.
By using manure, can remind the organic content and nitrogen in the soil. This will give a better result compared to the chemical fertilizers.

5. Rotate your plant

Plants need and use the nutrients that is different, for the soil is always keephealthy. Make sure the vegetables furnish the room to grow continuously.

6.Watering regularly

You will find that plants in containers need more water. Especially in the dry season, the plants should be in watering everyday. Do until you see the water out of the hole in the bottom of the container. This is to keep the plant moist throughout the day.

7. Choose a good potting mix

Generally, everyone could easily enter the soil into the container and can grow. His affection sometimes soil lots that contain clay and too heavy. To choose a pot that has a pores.

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