How to growing Great Tomatoes ?

Don't need to be an experienced gardener to plant tomatoes in order to produce a good tomato and lush. Even experienced gardeners sometimes find challenges for growing good tomatoes.

There are some suggestions that you can apply to increase the quality of your tomato plant.

Start by selecting soil and healthy plants. Although it sounds simple, this action will eliminate the biggest problem you may face in the future. Changing the soil quality, provide plenty of compost, organic material is the main thing that could be producing quality tomatoes are good. The fact is the experienced gardeners also use pure compost for plants.

To describe it, one year ago I planted tomatoes in raised. I have been mixing the manure into the soil that is in use. Manure is also good though not a pure compost. I already have a place to store the old compost and more concentrated. I use the compost to grow the tomato plant to another. I separate the tomato plants from the other in order to be on the monitor its growth. The tomato plants are not I give extra care.

After three months, the tomato plant has grown beyond the other the tomato plants in all things. It turns out that the composting plant in give can grow easily. It is also not susceptible to plant pests and grow with fresh green color and has superb taste.

Next is, healthy plants and without pests will always yield the best flavor. Starting with that, you have the opportunity to keep your plants stay healthy. There are some varieties that are resistant to the diseases. Hybrid plants are more resistant to a wide variety of disease, but in terms of taste still can't transcend the natural plant.

The tomato plants deeper

If you have prepared a good soil, exposed to sunlight and plant tomatoes don't be too tight. The tomato plants will flourish when sufficient sunlight and have good air circulation.
Planting tomato seeds. The tomato plant is one of the plants that have roots along its stem. The bigger the root, then the healthy plants. You can plant the tomato plants until the upper limit of its leaves. Leave the two leaves at the top level. This step ensures that the plant has a root that big and strong

On the planting hole, add two tablespoons of limestone and mix it into the soil. This step is to prevent decay in the roots of plants. Flush the whole plant with a liquid manure mixture evenly. In this way the leaves will stay awake the freshness. You can use a mixture of organic fish emulsion and seaweed. It is useful to provide nitrogen and phosphorus to spur growth.

Managing water. The tomato plants are often in the flush of water. You can use a water hose to give a small hole in it. Place it on the ground so you can flush the plant without wetting the top leaves. Make sure that the plant has been quite wet. If the plant is already high enough, an additional straw underneath it to prevent the disease attacks the foliage. Place the straw two inches from the stem, and in layers both as high as two inches. Put the water hose on top of the straw.

Do the regular monitoring , because the large fruit could break a twig or stem of a plant. 

Happy gardening


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