Plant Pests

Gardening is simple and fun activities. But any time we just have to be alert to small enemies that could make a mess. Plants also require care to always healthy. By keeping the grounds clean environment, no garbage that piled up could have been a nest of insect or plant pests. Although the pile of garbage could be composted, but if looks a mess could be a problem.

Some things you should do to eliminate or reduce plant pests regularly stir the soil so keeping the land remains open to the air and water. Let the bird comes to your garden, as this can reduce the number of insects that invade the garden. The birds will eat the insects create a dangerous plant. Sparrows,  meadow larks,chickadees,robins and orioles are examples of birds who help in this way. Even the presence of frogs in the garden can also help these dangerous insects.

As gardeners, we should be able to attract the birds and frogs so come, one of them with sowing seeds of grain near the water. By inviting birds to be able to live in your garden is a tremendous progress. If you would like to invite frogs to come into the garden, you have to create a shady atmosphere in the garden to break a collection of frogs. You can set up a dark and moist retreat so that the frogs at home in there. You can add chunks of stone to frogs hide. At night the frog will be looking out for a meal with a dangerous insect prey on the way.

In general, there are two types of insects that can damage your plants. The first type is an insect that has a sharp mouth, such as caterpillars and grasshoppers. Other types of head lice are a plant that can suck the plant life. To eradicate the insects you should regularly spray your plants with insecticides or blends of Bordeaux. Insecticide very effectively eradicates the insect directly because the body of the insect. In addition to the presence of insect attack, in caring for your garden must be aware against the pests that exist underground. Anthills has also potentially turned off your garden.

You should be able to distinguish traits insect destroyer of crops. Indeed, in General pests that attack plant lice are. The plant's ticks have a lot of variety, there are red, yellow, Brown and another of Lian. Pretty easy to find a plant louse, lice, generally will hang on the leaf or stems of the plant. Insect suction tends to easily accessible as there is on the stem of the plant. But the insects that bite will be more difficult to find because after chewing food, usually insects will instantly hide, this makes them more difficult to handle. Rose snail can also do major damage to the rose bushes. They eat outside the body, so that only leaf veining is left.

Usually they are soft-bodied, green above and yellow below. The slug will devour almost all the existing plants in the garden, whether it's flowers or vegetables. They are also putting a lot of eggs in place piles of garbage. That's why you have to be diligent in cleaning up rubbish so that your plants are free of insects.

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