How to start growing carrots

Carrot seed is about 1 mm wide and approx 2 or 3 mm long. When each row has been sown gently push the soil over the hole before moving on to the next row.

If your soil is well prepared and contains ample organic matter you will not need to add any nutrient until the plants have fully emerged.. After this a weekly watering with diluted liquid rabbit manure or liquid worm castings will provide most of the required nutrient.

Rows have been planted water in well. Cats or problems with wild birds, you may want to consider a bird netting frame over the garden bed until the seeds have sprouted if you have dogs. Animals have a magical sense of discovering exactly where you do not want them to scratch.

The Carrots

The carrots should be thinned out and used as they grow. This will leave room for the rest to develop to their full size and will prevent strangling from being too close.

Carrots are amongst the most popular vegetables to grow in the organic home vegetable garden. Because of how easy they are to grow and the versatility they provide in the kitchen, carrots are perhaps so popular. Carrots can be used for Juicing, Boiling, Steaming, In Casseroles, Stews and Soups, Grated in Cakes, rissoles, on sandwiches, in salads or simply on their own as delicious carrot sticks.

After preparing the soil it should be raked over level and small rows scribed in the soil about 2cm (about an inch) deep. Sticks should be placed at each end of the rows to mark where each row is.

Soil preparation is the most important factor when growing carrots. As deep-rooted vegetables they require soft loamy soil that does not have any rocks, lumps or foreign materials in as these may cause misshapen carrots or stunted growth.

A rotary hoe is an ideal tool for preparing the soil for planting carrots. It will help break up the soil creating a quality medium suitable for the growth of carrots. , if you do not have a rotary hoe you can still use traditional digging methods but dig in ample amounts of quality organic compost and manures.

Organically grown Carrots are beneficial to the soil as they can help to build a soil as they grow. Even with stunted growth the soil is being broken up as the roots of the carrot grow.

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